The global idea behind the aVa verification project is to create an open, transparent and trusted space where people themselves become experts and create quality content, creating a new approach to interaction in the modern world.
Initially aVa project was conceived as a convenient and reliable place to collect verified electronic data (accounts, avatars, achievements, items, documents, etc.) from different sources (e-mail, social networks, messengers, etc.) in one place.

As a result, we faced the question, "Who will verify an item or event and on what basis?". The question turned out to be very relevant, especially considering the active development of AI. With more and more information on the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to choose the right one on which to base your choice or decision.

From a search engine we get rendition based on links and the seo promotion, not on the quality and reliability of information. Therefore, every source of information is subjected to reasonable doubt, and a search query turns into a search mission that takes a lot of time with no guarantee of a perfect result.

In aVa projects, we have taken the idea of verifying information through the opinions of experts in a given knowledge domain, whereby everyone's expertise will be validated based on their works and activities.

Thus, we apply a decentralized approach based on peer review to eliminate manipulation of information, to obtain a source of verified, complete and quality information, to stimulate the creation of new quality content, and thus providing an opportunity for each person to become an expert and create their own personal brand on the Internet by posting and verifying their work in the aVa project.

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