With access to a vast information space, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality information and identify the source.
The aVa Verification is an innovative project aimed at confirming the authenticity of any electronic documents and their sources.
Creation of a new decentralized approach to obtaining information and peer review of its reliability, completeness, relevance and accessibi

Getting accurate information cannot be overemphasized - it's the decisions we make!
Percentage of inaccurate information on the Internet 2022. according to CSO, also reported by Yahoo, TheJournal, RTE, HeadTopics, Irishtimes, and Irishexaminer. source:
We cannot vouch for the reliability of this source of information!
The aVa Verification works as follows:
Phase 2
Phase 1
Phase 3
The received document is converted into an immutable form, placed in a decentralized storage facility, and then verified using a trust evaluation system.
We add a timestamp, place the document in decentralized Internet Computer storage, and generate an NFT of the document for easy and reliable access to it.
We propose to implement this algorithm by encrypting the document, converting it to PDF format, calculating the checksum, filling in the author field and briefly describing the contents of the document.
Information on the quality of the document content is requested from aVa Reputation (or other evaluation system).
User- author, company, project, product, service. Creator of the document.
Immutable document
Decentralized storage
Internet Computer
aVa Reputation
Other reliability assessment systems
Final document: signed by the reliability evaluation system or aVa Reputation.
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To create a reliable, transparent and efficient verification system. aVa Verification uses NFT, dynamic NFT, and Internet Computer technologies.
Blockchain is used to create immutable records for each document, ensuring its authenticity and integrity.

NFTs are used to create unique digital "fingerprints" of each incoming document, allowing every document to be easily tracked and verified.

dNFT token displays the changing reputation of an author. It is non-transferable, immutable, event-driven, and belongs to a specific account, but changes when metadata is updated.

The aVa Verification plans to use the Internet Computer to create NFT and dNFT documents and to perform member level transactions. Important features of the Internet Computer, such as ease of identification, access to applications from a web browser, free transactions, reliability and speed are key to the mass adoption of the aVa Verification.
aVa Reputation
the user and his/her electronic documents
expert group
a document verified by dNFT (author's reputation)
In addition to a verification system for any electronic documents, we propose a decentralized mechanism for assessing credibility: validation of a document by the author's professional reputation.
The NFT dynamically changes as the author's reputation level changes, providing a visual representation of growing reputation and competence.
The validity assessment system generates a dynamic NFT reflecting the author's level, which is determined by his/her professional competencies, based on expert evaluation of the author's work.
reputation token
aVa Verification
aVa Verification can confirm the authenticity and consistency of any electronic document.
Articles, books, invoices, invoices, certificates, contracts and more.

Verification using encryption, generating an immutable document as an NFT and authenticating it using dNFT from aVa Reputation.

Documents entering the aVa Verification.
aVa Reputation & aVa Verification
The author's level is calculated based on the balance of his/her reputation account.
The balance is made up of quality papers and publications uploaded to the aVa Verification. For each document uploaded to the aVa system, a corresponding number of reputation tokens are credited to the reputation account, encouraging authors to create and share valuable content.
As the author's level grows, the NFT dynamically changes, visually reflecting changes in his reputation. In addition to the dNFT, provides a way to verify the dynamics and cause of changes in an author's reputation. Reputation dNFT cannot be sold, but authors can sell a verified NFT document certified with the dNFT badge as an additional way to monetize their reputation.
Reputation tokens
Dynamic NFTs + author's reputation
IC will provide ease of user access, release and storage of NFTs and dNFTs, scalability, security and fast system operation.
Internet Computer
For all Internet users
  • Reliable documentation verified by aVa.
  • Reputation enhancement: Companies using aVa can manage their reputation by demonstrating openness, transparency and reliability.
  • The aVa system will allow companies to manage their documents more effectively.
  • By using verified documents, companies can reduce the risks associated with misinformation or falsification of documents.
  • With aVa, projects, goods and services can also be verified to earn a reputation for quality.
  • Make your papers credible and give them relevance (weight), make them trustworthy for everyone in the digital world.
  • Receive feedback, reviews on your papers.
  • Become an expert in your category Expert status gives you the opportunity to receive highly paid job offers.
  • Participate in the formation of a verified information space.
  • Using the NFT system for documents provides a certain level of protection against plagiarism, providing unique identification of author's works and clear definition of the date of origin of authorship rights.
  • Obtaining reliable information
  • Increasing trust in digital documents
  • Access to expert content
  • Getting reliable information quickly.
  • Encouragement to publish new work online - as new work needs to be published to maintain reputation.
  • Ability to track the history of changes in an author's reputation level.
  • Ability to use verified works of other authors with high reputation level in your own works and include a link to the verified source.
For authors
For companies
A few examples of how the aVa Verification can be used in real-life scenarios
Educational institutions can use aVa Verification to verify academic degrees and certificates. This helps to ensure that these documents are authentic and that students have actually received the specified education.
Academic circles
Scientists can use aVa to verify their research papers and studies. This ensures that their work is authentic and has not been altered after publication.
In the world of academic publishing, the authenticity and originality of research papers are of paramount importance. The aVa Verification can be used by academic journals and institutions to verify the authenticity of submitted articles, ensuring that they are original work and not plagiarized. The system can also be used by researchers to verify the authenticity of the articles they refer to in their work.
Businesses often need to verify the authenticity of contracts, invoices and other documents. aVa Verification can be used to verify these documents, ensuring that they are authentic and have not been altered.
Lawyers and law enforcement can use aVa Verification to verify legal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, and wills.
Publishers can use aVa Verification to verify the copyright of books, articles and other works
Art and creative works
Artists and authors can use aVa Verification to authenticate their works, protecting them from plagiarism and unauthorized use. The system can also be used by buyers and collectors to verify the authenticity of artworks and other creative works they purchase.
With aVa Verification, through verification and gaining reputation, you can build a brand.
He is a software developer and Project Manager with over 30 years of experience. He is a blockchain enthusiast and the author of a novel-textbook "Freedom of Chains", which is dedicated to the world of blockchain technology. Ilya has been involved in numerous projects as a developer, team leader and CTO, including several projects based on blockchain technology. His extensive experience and passion for blockchain technology allows him to lead the technical development of the aVa systems.

Project Manager with 25 years of experience managing a wide range of projects from IT to plant construction. Her diverse experience gives her a broad perspective and the ability to effectively manage complex projects. As a co-founder of aVa systems, Olga will be responsible for overseeing the project and making sure it stays on schedule and achieves its goals.
Together, Ilya and Olga form a strong leadership team with the skills and experience needed to successfully implement the aVa system. Their combined experience in software development, project management and blockchain technology will be invaluable in developing a reliable and efficient document verification system.
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